These signature tags and dollz are original creations. You are welcome to right click and save them for your own use. A link back is appreciated, but not required. I hope you like the Candy Bar Dollz signature tags and calling cards. They are great for signing guestbooks or emails! These Signature Tags can be personalized with a graphic program like Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop. Below you will find a variety of doll graphics, signature tags and calling cards.

If you would like to have me personalize a tag for you, I'd be happy to. Copy all the text underneath the tag you want, and click here: ORDER SIG TAG

NEW - New Candy Bar Sig Tags on Page 4.

Be sure to check out page 4.

There are new Candy Bar Doll sigtags including pretty in pink, the cheerful girl in jeans, an adorable angel, Christina, and two favorites the boy angel and boy vampire.

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SIG TAG #CB-1 Baby Blue

SIG TAG #CB-2 - Happy Girl

SIG TAG #CB-3 Detective

SIG TAG #CB-4 Detective Sunrise

"Right-click" and save to your own computer. Please DO NOT direct link - thank you

Typeface: Mekanik

Typeface: Comic Sans

Typeface: Comic Sans

Typeface: Mekanik

Typeface: Mekanik

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