These free signature tags and dollz are original creations.  Please help yourself. They are great for signing guestbooks or emails! These Signature Tags can be personalized with a graphic program like Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop. Below you will find a variety of doll graphics, signature tags and calling cards.

If you would like to have me personalize a tag for you, I'd be happy to. Copy all the text underneath the tag you want, and click here: ORDER SIG TAG

Free MySpace Calling Cards


2nd Edition: SIG TAG #1 PINK

2nd Edition: SIG TAG #2 PURPLE
Typeface: Coronet

2nd Edition: SIG TAG #3 CYBERGEEK
Typeface: Westminster

2nd Edition: SIG TAG #4 CYBERGEEK2

2nd Edition: SIG TAG #5 DARKBLUE

2nd Edition: SIG TAG #6 DARKBLUE2


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